R11L08-2 – 防火隔熱玻璃門測試 EI120 BS EN

BS EN 120min 42mm Double-leaf Doorset
Size: 2960mm x 2950mm

Insulated, Double-acting, Unequal Double-leaf Glazed Doorset with Fixed Screens.(EI 120)

Fire resistance test conducted in accordance with BS EN 1364-1: 2008 which is capable to be applied and sold in Worldwide. The price is competitve in the industry and quality could be fulfilled in all requirement conditions. All of our products are equipped with international standard certificate.
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寶成防火隔熱玻璃門測試 – R11L08-2 測試成功, 符合 BS EN 1364-1: 2008 標準.
所有防火玻璃產品均對全球銷售, 能應用於多種場合. 價格低廉. 所有產品均具有國際認可之証書, 均是實力與信心的保証.
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寶成(環球)有限公司 – Po Shing (Worldwide) Company Limited

本公司之防火玻璃均有不同認証証書, 包括:
BS EN 1364-1:2015
BS EN 1634-1:2014
BS EN 1634-1:2008
BS EN 1634-3:2004
BS EN 1365-2:2000
BS EN 1364-1:1999
BS EN 1364-2:1999
BS 476 Part 22:1987
AS 1530.4:2005